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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

You’ve seen them at press conferences, on TV, or in the newspapers, but what is it really like to live as a legend? Get to know three people who’ve reached the pinnacle of their fields this month at University Book Store.

On March 14, retired four-star General Michael Hayden takes us to the halls of congress and behind the closed doors of the America's most secretive agencies. His new book Playing to the Edge offers a striking, unapologetic account of his time heading up the NSA and then CIA. This fascinating memoir is rich in detail and candidly examines the controversy surrounding various intelligence agency programs. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight into modern history from one of the people who made it. Get tickets here.

Many people have written about Carolyn Wood since she won an Olympic gold at age 14, but in her new book, Tough Girl, she finally tells the story herself. Wood reflects on her drive as an athlete, her strained relationship with her mother, her struggles as a lesbian in a conservative era, and on her trials as a middle-aged woman looking to the next phase of her life. Get inspired by an American champion at her March 9 reading and book signing.

New York Times best-selling author, Augusten Burroughs, describes love and life after rehab in Lust and Wonder. With hilarious frankness, he recounts romantic missteps while living and writing in New York City. Relationship dead ends, scars of child trauma, anxiety disorders, and literary success intertwine in a tale that is funny, sweet, alarming, and ultimately moving. Kick off your weekend by spending an evening with this wonderfully entertaining storyteller on March 31.

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