St. Martin's Press: Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts

June 2017 Book of the Month

Every month, the avid readers in our Books department choose one new title that needs to be shared. It's a book we've read, a book that's made us fall in love, and one that lingered with us long after the last page had been turned. The sort of title you recommend to a friend with a small smile, knowing they're about to discover something unexpected and wonderful.

We're so invested in getting more people to read this book that as added encouragement, you save 25% when you buy it during its featured month.

June Title: Stephen Florida

This month, we're excited to introduce you to Stephen Florida by Gabe Habash.

Stephen Florida is a mesmerizing, visceral debut novel that transports you not so much into a new world as directly into a new mind. Stephen is a 133 weight class wrestler at a small college in North Dakota. His single-minded goal is to win the Division IV NCAA Championship. But this is his senior year: his last chance. And it soon becomes clear that he has staked everything—even his sanity—on winning.

It doesn't matter if you love wrestling or have never seen a match. From the first chapter of this fantastic beast of a book you'll be sucked into the pulsing rhythm of his obsession and the authentic cadence of his voice. Gabe Habash has created a character so distinct, fascinating, and odd that you'll be left feeling as though he's someone you've known.

Once this book has caught you in its unsettling, sinewy grip, there's no going back.

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