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John Lee returns as the voice of Harry Hole for Police, the 10th novel in Jo Nesbø's beloved detective series. Harry has resigned his shield and is no longer a part of the police department, but he's back in Oslo teaching at the police college. When a demented killer begins targeting police officers--killing each at the scene of a crime the officer failed to solve--the Oslo police are on high alert and Hole returns as a "consultant" to help capture the madman.

In John Lee's narration, Harry Hole conveys the intensity and urgency of the plot while maintaining the cool, detached persona of the weathered detective. Lee also manages to show the depth of Hole's emotions--the love he has for his family, the disdain for his suspects--without letting slip the protective mask he displays to the world.

Police, like most installments in this series, has several plot twists. Lee's narration works to augment the suspense without inadvertently giving anything away. This is especially vital because of Nesbø's unpredictability. He's never shied away from killing a main character, so with a plot that involves a serial cop killer, maintaining that mystery is key.

The combination of Nesbø's writing and Lee's reading paints a dark, chilling atmosphere, and Police is at equal measures haunting and hopeful. (Because Police reveals spoilers from its immediate predecessor, Phantom, though, some fans may want to wait until they're caught up before they begin this story.) --Jen Forbus of Jen's Book Thoughts