Little, Brown Books for Young Readers: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

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Why Books Are the Best of All Possible Holiday Gifts

We at University Book Store think a book is the best gift to give your friends or family. We're professional booksellers. There's nothing we like more than to pull the wrapping off a rectangular present with the telltale left-side ridge of a hardcover or gentle give of a paperback. It's pretty much our thing, and we acknowledge that bias. But we think a book is a perfect gift for even the most casual reader in your life--or, dare we mention, the non-reader--and here are some reasons why.

A good book is both personal and universal. A writer sits down to tell a story, and a reader discovers in that story both a new set of experiences that they can learn from and a reflection of our shared humanity. Books do that better than other media, because books require active imaginative participation. Because readers are involved, they can't help but be changed.

When you give someone a book that you loved, you are telling that person something about yourself. If the book became a part of the foundation of who you are, and you share that book with someone else, you are giving them a look at what makes you you. It's one of the most intimate things you can share with the people close to you.

If you are passionate about a book, you share your passion with someone else. They feel that passion, and approach your gift with a little bit of your passion inside them. And if you chose the right book, you inspire a passion in them that they will want to share. Then the passion spreads. You've made a little corner of the world a little happier. And that happiness might continue to spread.

Share passion. Give books.