Henry Holt & Company: The Eighth Detective by Alex Pavesi

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The Great Forgetting

History teacher Jack Felter returns to his hometown in Ohio to care for his sick father. While he is home, he picks up the trail of his old friend Tony, a psychiatrist who went missing three years before. As he pursues the truth about what happened, he meets Cole, Tony's last patient, who could very well be at the center of one of the largest conspiracies ever fathomed.

What if history was neither the official narrative nor shared memory at all? What if history was everything that had been forgotten?

The Great Forgetting proposes an alternative reality where the United States lost World War II and the Nazis conquered America. A world where Nikola Tesla invented the atomic bomb and Stephen Hawking invented a machine that allowed everyone to forget the past collectively. In search of these histories' origins, Jack and Cole wind up in far-flung reaches of the Earth--from a secret underground facility in the Catskills to a lost island in the Pacific--in order to discover the truth about their own pasts and the project known as "The Great Forgetting."

This novel is a conspiracy goldmine. Working their way through this heady plot are aliens, Area 51, HAARP, 9/11, fluoride, Malaysia Airlines flight 370, the lost continent of Mu and a whole lot more. There is a conspiracy for everyone at play here, and it is evident Renner had as much fun putting them together as readers will have figuring them out. --Jarret Middleton, author, freelance editor