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December 2017 Book of the Month

Every month, the avid readers in our Books department choose one new title that needs to be shared. It's a book we've read, a book that's made us fall in love, and one that lingered with us long after the last page had been turned.

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December Title: Sing, Unburied, Sing

Congratulations to Jesmyn Ward!

This month, we're introducing you to her latest book, which was the 2017 National Book Award winner for fiction. This is her second National Book Award. Her first was for 2011 novel Salvage the Bones.

Sing, Unburied, Sing takes us vividly into the life of 13-year-old Jojo, a biracial boy growing up in rural Mississippi.

Despite his young age, Jojo is no stranger to the specter of death. There's the livestock slaughtered on his grandfather's farm, his grandmother slowly slipping away to cancer, and his drug-addicted mother, Leonie, who sees visions of her murdered brother while high. And then there's the land: blood, guilt, memories, and a long history of racism are soaked into the ground of this haunted town.

Ward's words are powerful, evocative, and lyrical. They draw you in with lush sensory detail, while her characters hit you somewhere soft, tender, and vulnerable. Even Leonie, a neglectful parent, is written with a richness and humanity that makes empathy unavoidable. Hard, painful truths and gorgeous prose lie within this intensely American tale.

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