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National Poetry Month 2018

Usually this is about the time we would share our Book of the Month—an irresistible new title chosen by the avid readers in our Books department. It's one we've loved and are so invested in getting more people to read this book that as extra bonus we take 25% off the normal price during its featured month.

This month, we're doing something a little different. April is National Poetry Month, so instead of us recommending just one book, we're encouraging you to bring more verse into your life by letting you choose whichever poet you like to read. Save 25% on our entire collection of poetry books all month long! Get the discount at the register when shopping in-store or use promo code "Poetry25" at checkout when shopping online. Now is the perfect time brush up on your Byron and Bishop.

Feeling adventurous? Introduce yourself to an amazing modern poet. Here's one collection we're reading and loving right now.

Milk and Honey
by Rupi Kaur
Rupi Kaur's debut collection is filled with short, impactful poems complemented by simple and elegant line drawings.  It tackles the nuances of pain and love with keenly felt bits of verse ripped from the notebooks of our own lives.


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