July 2018 Book of the Month

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July Title: Northland: A 4,000-Mile Journey Along America's Forgotten Border

By Porter Fox

Though news coverage largely focuses on the USA's southern border, its northern one is actually much longer and guarded by only a fraction of the patrol agents. Editor of travel journal Nowhere, Porter Fox, takes us on a 4,000-mile, two-year trek beside this overlooked boundary in his new book, Northland.

Starting from his home state of Maine, Fox makes his way from coast to coast by canoe, freighter, and car. Experiences with locals, border guards, and rugged landscapes are enriched by histories of the places visited and the European explorers and Native Americans whose footsteps he traces. But the most intriguing tales are not just those from the past. In modern times a bounty of wealth and tension can be found along the invisible line; water wars, massive quantities of oil and gas, pipeline protests, and an immense natural beauty threatened by climate change are all discovered here. Let Fox take you on an entertaining and enlightening trip across the northern edge of the country.

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