August 2018 Book of the Month

Every month, the avid readers in our Books department choose one title that needs to be shared. It's a book we've read, a book that's made us fall in love, and one that lingered with us long after the last page had been turned.

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Book Cover

August Title: An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic 

By Daniel Mendelsohn

Daniel Mendelsohn is a critic, classics scholar, and New Yorker contributor. He also teaches an undergraduate seminar on The Odyssey. When his 81-year-old father, Jay, asks if he can sit in on the course, it's the beginning of a humorous, enlightening, and ultimately moving, father-and-son journey.

Jay Mendelsohn is a retired mathematician and research scientist. He has strong opinions and is not the easiest man. Though he sits in the back of the room, it isn't long before he's challenging Daniel's interpretations of Homer's epic—to the exasperation of his son and the delight of his son's students. Through the seminar, and a 10-day cruise tracing Odysseus's path after, the mismatched pair develop a new level of understanding in what will end up being one of his last years of Jay's life.

An Odyssey is not the first book to pair a classic work with a modern narrative of familial strife, but with this author's particular expertise, emotional acuity, and delicate hand, it turns into something more. In this beautifully crafted memoir, readers gain new insight into not only a beloved text, but also the complexities of human relationships.

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