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You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance

When asked, "What's your sign?" most people respond with one of the 12 astrological zodiac signs. But that's far from all that the night sky can tell us. "You're not just a Virgo or a Gemini or a Libra," says astrologer Chani Nicholas. "You are a moment in time, with every sign, planet, and point playing a part in who you are, how you move through the world and what you came here to do."

In You Were Born for This, Nicholas guides readers through the process of generating and interpreting their birth charts. With the date, location and time of birth, one begins with the three primary keys to a chart: the sun (commonly known as your sign), directing life's purpose; the moon, representing physical and emotional needs; and the ascendant, which is what motivates you, along with its ruling planet, representing the direction your life takes. From there, readers can go to relevant sections of the book to discover all that their chart has to say about them. Fill-in-the-blank sections can be used to record the position of all the planets on one's chart, and affirmations and reflection questions provide opportunities for contemplation.

While astrologers and horoscopes are ubiquitous in pop culture, Nicholas has an inclusive, social justice-oriented approach that sets her apart from the crowd. She has used astrology to unpack childhood trauma, overcome self-doubt and embrace the direction of her life after resisting it for many years. And with more than a million monthly readers to Nicholas's You Were Born for This website, readers will be in good company with her as a trusted guide. --Frank Brasile, librarian