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The Arrangement

Headliner Sylvia Day (Butterfly in Frost) joins forces with Minerva Spencer (Scandalous) and Kristin Vayden (The Temptation of Grace) in this steamy Regency romance anthology featuring three couples in matches of convenience who find themselves shockingly captivated by their spouses.

In Day's "Mischief and the Marquess," vivacious Lady Sophie Milton-Riley believes she and childhood friend Justin, now the aloof Marquess of Fontaine, will not suit as husband and wife. While Sophie tries to convince their match-making female relatives of that fact, Justin quickly realizes that mothers know best and sets out to sweep Sophie off her feet. In Spencer's "The Duke's Treasure," Beaumont, the Duke of Wroxton, marries potted meat heiress Josephine Loman for the funding to keep his estate afloat. Despite a rocky start, the attempted interference of Beaumont's former lover shows him how valuable his wife has become to him. Vayden introduces readers to Charles Brook, the rakish and irreverent Earl of Barrington, who is in desperate need of a reputation overhaul to complete a business arrangement in "An Inconvenient Countess." He takes penniless Diana Lambson as his last-minute spouse in hopes of gaining his peers' approval, but soon finds himself realizing he wants Diana's approval most of all.

Day provides her tried-and-true mix of deep emotion and hot sex; Spencer and Vayden illustrate why marriages of convenience remain a favorite premise among romance readers. The gratifying blend of new passion and unexpected love between their leads is exhilarating and hopeful. --Jaclyn Fulwood, blogger at Infinite Reads